Pre-owned Condition Grading

See below for how we grade the condition of pre-owned watches. And if you have any questions, email Please note, grading applies to the watch head, strap and/or bracelet only, and not any other accessories or packaging.

 Grade Details
10 Unworn. No signs of wear.
9.5 Like new. May pass for new, but shows very light signs of wear.
9 Mint. Worn and used, with a few superficial scratches or wear evident.
8.5 Near Mint. More scratches evident. Edges of case sharp and not over-polished. No major dings. Bracelet may have slight play.
8 One or two nicks and/or dings that can be felt by touch. More signs of wear. Signs of polishing. Light wear on precious metal hallmarks.
7.5 Case with definite signs of polishing, including soft edges. May have surface scratches and dings. Precious metal hallmarks may be worn from polishing or wear. Thickness of lugs and bezel should show definition and not over-polished.

 Adapted from Eric Ku's Loupe This