A First Look at Czapek’s Watches & Wonders 2024 Novelties

A First Look at Czapek’s Watches & Wonders 2024 Novelties

All-new Promenade Collection, Plus Antarctique Afterglow and Green Meteor

As the watch world turns its attention to Watches & Wonders 2024, Czapek has unveiled an array of new timepieces. This year, Czapek introduces the all-new Promenade collection alongside two exciting additions to the Antarctique series.

Introducing the Promenade Collection

The Promenade collection marks a significant addition to Czapek’s portfolio, bringing a fresh perspective to the classic time-only dress watch. Measuring 38mm in stainless steel, the Promenade embodies simplicity with a touch of Czapek’s distinctive elegance. The collection features three stunning dial options: a mesmerizing blue ripple enamel and two choices of guilloché – in blue and ivory.

At the heart of the Promenade lies Czapek’s proprietary SXH5 microrotor movement, a mechanical marvel that also powers the Antarctique collection. This movement not only ensures precision but also adds a layer of sophistication with its finely crafted components. The Promenade can be seen as a harmonious blend of the Antarctique’s advanced movement and the design aesthetics of Czapek’s original, the GPHG-winning Quai de Bergues.

Key elements of the Promenade’s design include the subsidiary seconds positioned at 4:30, echoing the layout of the Quai de Bergues, and the svelte case lines that contribute to its elegant profile. Starting at 17,350 CHF, the Promenade offers an impressive combination of distinctive design, artisanal dial craftsmanship, and a highly-finished proprietary calibre, making it a compelling choice among high-end indie watches.

New Additions to the Antarctique Collection

Czapek continues to expand its popular Antarctique line with two notable new models, both in 40mm cases. First, we have the Antarctique Afterglow, which introduces a vibrant purple colorway to the collection’s iconic trapezoidal "stairway to eternity" dial. This stunning hue is achieved through a proprietary galvanic process developed in collaboration with Metalem, Czapek’s esteemed dial-making partner. Priced at 23,000 CHF, the Afterglow maintains the Antarctique family’s reputation for exceptional design and technical prowess.

The second new addition is the Antarctique Green Meteor, which marks Czapek’s first foray into using meteorite in a production watch. This model features a gibeon meteorite dial, renowned for its unique alloys, which is then treated with a striking green lacquer. The result is a captivating and rare aesthetic that sets the Green Meteor apart from the broader Antarctique collection. Limited to just 100 pieces, it's priced at 25,000 CHF.

Explore and Order at Collective Horology

The Antarctique Green Meteor, Afterglow, and the all-new Promenade collection are available for order at collectivehorology.comAs always, feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and questions. And thank you for supporting independent watchmaking.

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