Hands-on with the Nicholas Hacko Mark II

Hands-on with the Nicholas Hacko Mark II

A Testament to Australian Watchmaking & Precision Machining

The Nicholas Hacko Mark II encapsulates the unique artistry and technical prowess of the Australian watchmaker, Nicholas Hacko, and everything that sets him apart among independent brands.

The Origins of Nicholas Hacko Watches

Nicholas Hacko watches originate from Australia, crafted by Nick Hacko and his dedicated watchmaking team, which includes his son, Josh Hacko. The Hackos operate a watch repair shop in Sydney, Australia. In 2011, facing the challenge of major Swiss brands pulling their parts accounts, the Hackos took the bold step of creating their own watches. Today, they manufacture a comprehensive range of watches at their Australian workshop, including several pieces with their own in-house movements.

The Mark II: An Introduction to Hacko's Craftsmanship

The Mark II is often described as a gateway into the world of Hacko's watches. However, this should not undermine its significance. This watch exemplifies Hacko's profound watchmaking capabilities, especially in precision machining. Virtually every component, aside from the movement and strap, is crafted by the Hackos, showcasing their meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Specifications of the Mark II

Let's dive into the fundamental specifications of the Mark II:

  • Functionality: Time-only
  • Case Material: Steel, manufactured by the Hackos
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Case Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Lug-to-Lug Distance: 48.5mm
  • Movement: Soprod M100

Titanium Dial and Handset: The Defining Features

What truly sets the Mark II apart is its dial and handset, both crafted from grade five titanium and finished to exceptional standards. Titanium is notoriously challenging to work with compared to conventional metals like steel, gold, or brass. It's harder and often described as "gummy," making it more difficult and costly to machine. This metal's resilience wears down machining bits rapidly.

Using titanium is not only a testament to Hacko's watchmaking expertise but also offers tangible benefits in terms of the dial's coloring. The blue dial of the Mark II is neither painted, galvanized, nor heat-treated. Instead, it's anodized through exposure to electrical current. This anodization process can produce various colors, including the stunning shade of blue seen here, which beautifully complements the guilloche wave motif at the center of the dial. The dial's color and wave pattern draw inspiration from the beaches of Australia.

Immaculate Dial Finishing

The dial's handset and additional features are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Enthusiasts of immaculate dial finishing will find much to admire in this watch. The hands exhibit a beautiful feathered finish, and the second hand is particularly noteworthy. It's made integrally, meaning both the hand and the pinion are crafted from a single piece of titanium. This rarity and difficulty in manufacturing result in a second hand without a central hole, further emphasizing the dial's precise and sophisticated qualities.

The Nicholas Hacko Mark II stands as a remarkable study in titanium, highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative spirit of Australian watchmaking.

This extraordinary timepiece is available at collectivecorology.comAs always, feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and questions. And thank you for supporting independent watchmaking.

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