Hands-on with the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force P.03 Night Ops Edition

Hands-on with the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force P.03 Night Ops Edition

Finding Harmony with Technical Watchmaking and Tactical Aesthetics

When we first encountered Armin Strom, we quickly realized that their approach to high-end watchmaking required a rethinking of our traditional perspectives. Armin Strom not only excels in haute horology—delivering intricate in-house watchmaking and top-tier finishing—but also stands out through their relentless pursuit of mechanical timekeeping accuracy. This focus on precision is what sets Armin Strom apart and what excites us as collectors.

Innovating Movement Design

For enthusiasts captivated by advancements in movement design—such as Spring Drive, alternative escapements, or resonance mechanisms—Armin Strom’s work is truly compelling. Their dedication to accuracy is exemplified in the Gravity Equal Force, the world’s first automatic watch with constant force transmission.

The term "Gravity" refers to the watch’s micro-rotor, which utilizes gravitational force to wind the watch. "Equal Force" pertains to the equal force mechanism, designed to deliver consistent power to the balance, enhancing precision.

The Mechanics of Precision

A traditional mainspring, when fully wound or nearly unwound, applies uneven force to the gear train. A fully wound mainspring exerts extra force, slowing the watch, while a nearly unwound mainspring's diminished force speeds it up. Armin Strom’s equal force mechanism addresses this by disengaging the mainspring from the gear train when it's either fully wound or unwound, thus using only the middle range of the mainspring’s charge. This results in a more consistent force and more accurate timekeeping.

Night Ops Edition: Key Specifications and Design

The Night Ops edition builds on the Gravity Equal Force with several tactical-inspired design elements:

  • Case: Grade 5 Titanium, black DLC-coated, brushed and polished
  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Height: 12.65 mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 48.09 mm
  • Movement: In-house Caliber ASB19 with micro-rotor and equal force barrel
  • Power Reserve: 72 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years

The watch is paired with a black textile strap featuring grey accent stitching and a matching DLC-treated titanium pin buckle. Full, detailed specifications are available at collectivehorology.com.

Tactical Aesthetic

Our design objective for this collaborative watch was to highlight Armin Strom’s unique approach to watchmaking by drawing inspiration from tactical and technical outdoor gear. These categories value precision and quality, much like Armin Strom’s timepieces. We incorporated materials, finishes, and colors from tactical gear to enhance and accentuate the watch's technical design.

Key Customizations

Compared to the standard Gravity Equal Force, the Night Ops has undergone extensive redesigns. The blacked-out Grade 5 titanium case and black textile strap are just the beginning. The dial side back plate features geometric patterns inspired by knife scales and is hand-guillochéed by Kari Voutilainen’s Comblémine factory. The movement bridges, inspired by pocket knife clips, are milled and hand-finished with contrasting brushed and micro-blasted surfaces.

One of the standout features is the power reserve indicator, cleverly integrated into the mainspring barrel and visible on the dial side. This detail not only enhances the watch's functionality but also showcases Armin Strom’s watchmaking prowess.

The Night Ops Edition is available at collectivehorology.com. As of the time of publication, the watch is in-stock and available for immediate delivery. Of course, feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and questions. And thank you for supporting independent watchmaking.

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