Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Membership opens up whenever Collective releases a new collaborative watch. In particular, membership is determined by a short application process. Once you submit your application, our membership committee – comprised of current Collective members – will review it (generally within two business days). If you’re offered membership, we will follow up by email with instructions on how to move forward.

Do I have to be a member to purchase a Collective watch?

While new Collective watches are only available to current and new Collective members, pre-owned watches are available to anyone interested. Visit the Collective Shop to browse and purchase Certified Pre-owned Collective watches.

Why is there an application process for membership?

Our goal is to build a community of curious, engaged and diverse watch collectors. And the application process ensures we have a fair and consistent way to welcome new members. Additionally, we have to limit membership due to production constraints on our collaborations as well as to ensure we grow Collective in a thoughtful way and maintain a high-quality experience for our members.

What’s the criteria for membership?

The application questions are a good indication of what we look for in members – people who will be engaged participants, offer diverse perspectives, as well as contribute to the community in an open-minded and respectful manner. There’s no need to write an essay – a thoughtful paragraph is great. Our members just want to get to know you. Furthermore, we do not base decisions on the watches in your collection. We welcome watch enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests.

Do the watches in my collection impact membership?

No. We do not base decisions on the watches in your collection. We welcome watch enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests – from Seiko fans to high-horology collectors.

How will I find out if I’m accepted?

If you’re offered membership, we will follow up by email with instructions on how to move forward, including how to purchase the collaborative watch and join our community.

What if I’m not offered membership this round?

We will automatically roll over your application to the next membership window.

How long will it take to find out if I’m offered membership?

We typically reply within 2 business days.

Why is purchasing a collaborative watch required for membership?

The sale of watches funds Collective’s operations, allowing us to deliver a high-quality membership experience and cover the costs associated with product development.

Does having a referral help?

Yes. While they don’t guarantee membership, referrals from existing members are given priority.

Will there be future opportunities for membership?

Yes. We open membership with the launch of each of our collaborations. Generally that’s twice annually.

Are there other costs or dues for membership?

No. The purchase of a watch is all that’s required to become a member of Collective. There are no additional costs or dues.

How do I renew or maintain membership?

We ask members to purchase at least one collaborative watch every other year (i.e., the next available watch 24 months following their most recent purchase) to maintain their membership. Beyond that, there are no costs, dues or fees. Generally we launch one or two collaborations a year, giving members the opportunity to pass on watches that aren’t for them.

What are the benefits of membership?

Collective members join a private Facebook group where we have a respectful conversation about watches, get to know one another, learn and celebrate the diversity of this hobby. Additionally, we host special virtual and in-person member events with the brands with whom we collaborate.

What are the rules for membership?

Members who join Collective agree to our Community Guidelines, which are primarily focused on treating one another with respect.

Is membership in Collective confidential?

Yes. We will never share your identity or personal information without your consent. And will ask all members to keep one another’s identities private.

Is Collective only for Silicon Valley-area residents?

No. We welcome members from anywhere in the world. While Collective started in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have members around the world, with hubs in the US and UK.

Will there be events in my local area?

At the moment, our in person events are typically in our hubs: the US (primarily California and New York) as well as the UK (London). However, we host virtual events for all members, and plan to expand our in person events as membership grows around the world.

Feel free to contact with any additional questions.