Collective Community Guidelines

  1. COMMUNITY. We are a community of like-minded watch lovers.  At all times, please…
    1. Be respectful in your comments and conduct in the group.
    2. Do not share screenshots of chats, reference comments made in the group outside the group or assume that one member’s relationships are yours without asking first.  Do not assume that being a member of Collective entitles you to any special pricing or access at partner ADs unless clearly offered to the full membership by management.
    3. While some members of Collective work in the watch and luxury industry, the Collective group and community cannot be used to market other groups, products, programs or other initiatives without the approval of management.
  2. STYLE. There is no watch too fancy or too cheap for our members, and Collective collaborations will reflect that philosophy. Feel free to comment on and debate members on matters of horological style, but never be rude or judgmental. Life is too short.
  3. PRIVACY. Your membership in Collective is confidential. Respect the privacy of members of the Collective community. In particular, do not mention anyone is a member of this group and community without their expressed permission.
  4. CELEBRATION. While conversations are considered private, your Collective watches are not! Feel free to celebrate your Collective watches anywhere you wish.
  5. BUYING AND SELLING. Members may offer their personal watches for sale to other Collective members in the group. Collective and the community managers are not responsible for addressing issues that may arise from a sale gone bad.
  6. SELLING COLLECTIVE WATCHES. You may sell your Collective watch(es) on the open market whenever you wish and for whatever price you wish. However, if we determine that you are only buying watches with the intent to sell (i.e., flipping), you will be removed from Collective.
  7. EVENTS. Members may bring a guest to any Collective event unless otherwise stated.  If you intend to bring more than one guest, please confirm that there is space with management first. Disruptive behavior at events will not be tolerated and may endanger your membership.
  8. MEMBERSHIP. In order to remain a member in good standing, you must purchase a Collective collaborative watch at least once every other year.
  9. INVITATIONS. Invitations to join are at the sole discretion of the community managers.  On occasion, members may be given invites to expand Collective.  Membership decisions are made by the Membership Committee, which rotates various members every cycle to ensure fairness and diversity when selecting new members to join the community.
  10. REMOVAL. Management may choose to revoke membership at any time and for any reason.