Armin Strom for Collective

Arrives November 8

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Adrian Barker visits Armin Strom for Collective

Along with a number of Collective members, we believe Armin Strom is one to watch in the world of independent watchmaking. Their mix of technical proficiency, fully-integrated in-house production, and openworked design, combined with their genuine kindness, curiosity and partnership has led to a watch of which we’re deeply proud. In fact, it’s the most customized Collective collaboration yet.

Serge Michel (Founder) and Claude Greisler (Master Watchmaker) of Armin Strom

When we first learned about Armin Strom years ago, we had to reframe the way we typically think about Swiss independent watchmaking. While the brand delivers on haute horology (i.e., fine watchmaking and finishing), that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What sets Armin Strom apart is their focus on the greatest possible accuracy for mechanical timekeeping. That’s where their differentiation, innovation, and excitement for us as collectors shines. If you’re intrigued by advancements in movement design – technologies like Spring Drive, alternative escapements, or resonance mechanisms – then Armin Strom will likely be in your wheelhouse.

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