Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force P.03 for Collective

Portfolio Series

A Tactical Take on Armin Strom

Together with Armin Strom, we reimagined the Gravity Equal Force from the ground up. It’s the most customized Collective collaboration yet.

Key Customizations

  • Grade five titanium case (first-ever for Gravity Equal Force)
  • Milled movement bridges (dial side)
  • Khaki green fumé matte dial by Comblémine
  • Super-LumiNova®-filled applied indices and hands
  • Applied three-dimensional Super-LumiNova® at 12 and 6
  • Frag pattern-style guilloché base plate by Comblémine
  • Khaki green bi-material rubber-leather strap

Key Specifications

  • 41mm case diameter
  • Armin Strom manufacture Caliber ASB19
  • Equal force barrel with integrated power reserve indicator
  • “Stop-work” de-clutch mechanism for increased accuracy

$25,000 USD
includes Collective membership
excludes VAT and applicable sales tax

Armin Strom

Along with a number of Collective members, we believe Armin Strom is one to watch in the world of independent watchmaking. Their mix of technical proficiency, fully-integrated in-house production, and openworked design, combined with their genuine kindness, curiosity and partnership has led to a watch of which we’re deeply proud.

Serge Michel (Founder) and Claude Greisler (Master Watchmaker) of Armin Strom

When we first learned about Armin Strom years ago, we had to reframe the way we typically think about Swiss independent watchmaking. While the brand delivers on haute horology (i.e., fine watchmaking and finishing), that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Adrian Barker visits Armin Strom for Collective

What sets Armin Strom apart is their focus on the greatest possible accuracy for mechanical timekeeping. That’s where their differentiation, innovation, and excitement for us as collectors shines. If you’re intrigued by advancements in movement design – technologies like Spring Drive, alternative escapements, or resonance mechanisms – then Armin Strom will likely be in your wheelhouse.

Gravity Equal Force

The P.03 is based on Armin Strom’s Gravity Equal Force, the world’s first automatic watch with constant force transmission. The result is consistent power delivery to the balance which yields greater precision.

Shown on 6.5 inch / 17mm wrist

In particular, the Gravity Equal Force’s in-house movement uses a “stop-work” de-clutch mechanism that ensures more consistent energy transmission as the mainspring unwinds.

Generally, as a watch’s mainspring unwinds, the force it exerts on the movement’s gear train diminishes. This results in less accurate time-keeping, particularly as the spring approaches being fully unwound. To address this, Armin Strom created a “stop work” mechanism, which stops the mainspring from fully unwinding. This means the mainspring exerts a more consistent or “equal force” on the movement, achieving more accurate timekeeping.

The Gravity Equal Force’s “stop work” mechanism prevents the mainspring from fully unwinding

(Remarkably, even with its de-clutch mechanism, the ASB19 movement has a generous 72-hour power reserve.)

This innovation is exactly what we love about Armin Strom – they’re focused on pushing the boundaries of mechanical movement design to achieve the greatest accuracy possible. And with Armin Strom’s transparent design language, these mechanisms – namely the watch’s micro-rotor and equal force barrel – are on full display.

The P.03: A Tactical Take on Armin Strom

When it came to design, our goal was simple: draw out the unique character of Armin Strom’s approach to watchmaking. To do so, we looked at other product categories with shared attributes, and found inspiration in technical and tactical outdoors gear.

A closer look at the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force P.03 for Collective

Whether it’s apparel, packs or tools like knives, technical outdoors gear likewise values precision, inventiveness and quality. So we drew on its materials, finishes and colors to accentuate what makes Armin Strom unique and compelling. The result: a design that compliments – and accentuates – their technical approach to watchmaking.

Key Differences

Compared to the standard production Gravity Equal Force, the P.03 for Collective has been extensively redesigned – including a grade five titanium case (a first for the Gravity Equal Force), new movement architecture, along with other unique components and finishes.

Slide to compare Collective Edition (Left) vs. Standard Reference (Right)

Key Customizations

Full specifications below.

Full Specifications


First, we want to thank all Collective members – both current and new – for supporting these projects and contributing to our community. Without you, none of this is possible. We of course want to thank the team at Armin Strom – Claude Greisler, Serge Michel and Jean-Marc Bories – for believing in Collective and jumping in feet-first on this creative endeavor. Thanks to our incredible team without whom we would not have been able to bring this project into the world: Zach Piña (photography), Ed Rhee (video), Geoff Allen (design), Mike Margolis (import) and Laetitia Hirschy (communications). And thank you to Adrian Barker, James Stacey, Jason Heaton, Roman Serebrianik, and Rikki at Scottish Watches for telling the story of this project with us. Finally, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the people who have believed in, guided and supported Collective from the very start: Josh Shapiro, Danny Goldsmith, Thierry Collot, Romain Marietta, Mike DiMartini, Josh Licht, Mike Margolis, and especially Rob Caplan of Topper Jewelers. Thank you. Collective is our labor of love, and you make that a reality.