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Otto Hutt: the pleasure of writing.

While watches are our passion, there's something truly magical about an excellent pen - and our love of fine writing instruments eventually led us to discover Otto Hutt. Founded in and operated out of Germany, Otto Hutt pens feature much of the same elements that attract us to the watches we carry in Collective Shop: a unique point of view, excellent craftsmanship and rarity.  Otto Hutt's parent company has been manufacturing pens for some of the world's largest brands for years, but they keep some of their best work for themselves.

If you're just getting started with pens and are looking for a statement piece, the Design03 and Design04 offer incredible design at accessible prices, while fountain pen lovers will fall in love with the proprietary piston-filler technology and butter smooth nibs found on the Design08.

Collective Shop is an authorized dealer of Otto Hutt pens. All Otto Hutt pens come with a one year international warranty.

Otto Hutt

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