Collection: Zenith

The Hits Keep Coming

While Zenith's watchmaking prowess has always been unquestionable, in recent years it's been their product design that's sent the brand to new heights. Simply put, Zenith is on a roll. Over the past few years, their core product lines and limited editions have achieved a mainstream appeal while standing apart from the crowd.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster C.01 for Collective

Our fist collaboration, the C.01 takes advantage of Zenith's design prowess to tell the first chapter of Collective’s story: Our origins in Silicon Valley. To do so, the watch embraces the design language of modern technology products, delivered in Zenith's most recognizable format: the El Primero Chronomaster. The dial, hands, luminous material, case finishing, strap and movement (i.e., no date) are all distinct to this reference.